Upholstery Fabrics & Supplies



The upholstery department gives you the opportunity to keep the old, comfortable couch but also give it a fresh, new modern look.


We are equipped with all upholstery needs from the fabric to the finishing touches.

This department gives you that individual opportunity to give your living areas a personal touch with beautiful imported upholstery fabric.

We can do your upholstery or you can buy DIY upholstery accessories from us.

Staple Guns & Staples

At Levant we stock staple guns that are reliable, durable and affordable. We also stock refill staples for your convenience.

When undertaking any type of upholstery project, you will want to equip yourself with a staple gunUpholstery comes in many different grades and materials, which means you need a tool that can adapt to your flexible needs.

Staple gun - Upholstery - Levant Home & Decor
Upholstery - Levant Home & Decor

Upholstery Studs/Nails

The terms studs, tacks, clavos, furniture nails, upholstery nails and others refer to decorative and non-decorative upholstery nails. No matter what you call them, the upholstery nail is the final touch of many different types of furniture. In the interior design world high-end designers for builders of commercial and residential spaces are using upholstery nails to accent and beautify walls, doors, cabinets, hoods, back splashes, sofas, chairs and more.

P28 Buttons

We sell easy to assemble P28 buttons and assembly tools. Now you can make custom buttons that compliment your upholstery piece perfectly.

Buttons are a classic design element that add a touch of elegance to a piece of upholstery. More than just a decoration or simple accent, buttons add curves and texture to chairs and cushions.

Webbing - Levant Home & Decor


Whether you are new to the world of upholstery or an old pro, one of the things that you will encounter frequently is webbing. Webbing is often found in sitting furniture (chairs and couches) as a functional foundation upon which cushions are placed. The purpose of webbing is to be flexible enough to provide a comfortable sitting area, but strong enough to provide a functional suspension.


Generally, there are four types of webbing used in upholstery:

  • Jute
  • Rubber
  • Polyolefin
  • Steel

Sofa Legs

Discover the perfect furniture legs at Levant for your next project whether it is new furniture, restoration or repair. By simply changing out your sofa legs, you can update your sofa, couch, divan or chair.


Ideal for interior designers, furniture manufacturers, upholsterers and private customers, whether as a new set or a replacement for existing legs or feet.

Cord Piping

Trim your upholstery project with welt cord (fabric-covered piping) for a finished, professional look.

Piping (or welting if you prefer) adds a nice detail to DIY upholstery projects, and gives added tailoring to cushions and headboards.


We have a large variety of vinyl for interior, exterior, marine and automotive uses.

Vinyl is a form of plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. It is flexible, versatile, remarkably easy to clean and maintain, and fully recyclable. It is used in the upholstery industry as a type of mock leather that’s far cheaper than its genuine counterpart.

Vinyl - Levant Home & Decor

Genuine Leather

It’s a durable material that doesn’t attract and retain dirt and is easy to clean with a quick wipe of a damp cloth. As a natural fabric with pores, it offers advanced breathability and comfort in both hot and cold conditions.


We sell upholstery foam cut to size and standard-stock upholstery foam sheets (custom cut available) in a range of qualities and firmness.


Characteristics such as density, surface feel, surface firmness and firmness retention make a big difference in comfort and durability.

Count on the experts at Levant to help you choose the right foam for any of your projects.

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Upholstery Threads

Levant carries a selection of high-quality upholstery thread, in addition to the many other types of thread we sell. For upholstery items which will remain indoors or finished goods that won’t be exposed to UV rays on a regular basis.

Upholstery Machines

Using upholstery sewing machines is similar to using a regular sewing machine, except an upholstery machine is much stronger and heavier than a regular machine. The large motor and drive-train allow it to have the power to sew thick materials.

Levant Home & Decor
Levant Home & Decor

Outdoor Fabric

Did you know that outdoor fabric differs from that used indoors?

Outdoor fabrics differ from indoor fabrics in that they are made to be more durable, and they undergo a chemical treatment process during manufacturing that ensures they will resist stains and mildew. Outdoor fabrics are woven fibers that differ in strength and durability.

Pillows and other soft furnishings used outdoors take more of a beating, so need to be more hard-wearing. When choosing an outdoor fabric, ask yourself whether the material is:

  • Fade-resistant
  • Sun-resistant
  • Weatherproof or weather-resistant
  • Machine washable

Upholstery Farbic

Upholstery fabric, which is milled specifically for use in covering and re-covering upholstered furniture, has a few characteristics that are peculiar to it; these characteristics set it apart from other fabric types. Upholstery fabric typically has a very thin, slightly sticky backing applied to the wrong side. In addition to keeping the threads of loose-weave fabrics together, this backing increases the adhesion of the fabric to the foam or padding of the upholstery and prevents the fabric from slipping and stretching.

Not washable, upholstery fabric is often not dry-cleanable; cleaning is accomplished with the use of solvents. The fiber content may be a blend of man-made and natural fibers, and it can have a commercial-grade stain-repellent solution applied to the surface. Upholstery fabric suited to outdoor use also may have UV inhibitors added to the fibers. The fabric may be solution-dyed, which means the dye is part of the fiber, as opposed to surface-dyed fabric, which is dyed after the fibers are spun.

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